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Dreisilker has a wealth of technical information and expertise that we are happy to share with our customers in a wide range of industries. Click on the links below to view Adobe ® Portabe Document Format (PDF) versions of brochures and publications from our archive of electric motor resources. Adobe Reader™ is required to view them. To download Reader, click here.

Introduction To Dreisilker: An overview of Dreisilker Electric Motors range of corporate capabilities, including new products, Motor-Safe™ Repair, reliability field services, machine shop services, training and other valuable expert services. Our seven branch locations inventory an extensive stock of new motors from top manufacturers like GE, Fasco, A.O. Smith and Marathon as well as other related products for the HVAC industry. Dreisilker Electric Motors also offers 24-hour emergency service and field service including Field Balancing, Infrared Inspection, Motor Management, Motor Testing, Shaft Laser Alignment and Vibration Analysis.

Introduction To Dreisilker
Dreisilker's Motor Safe Repair vs Other's Burn-Out Method
  • Dreisilker's Motor Safe Repair is the safest proven method to remove windings during repair. Burn-out ovens damage laminations and can lead to a less effiecent finished product. Click HERE to Read

Expert Machine Tool Motor Services: Uptime Drives Productivity. In the fast-paced world of the machine tool industry, there is one thing everyone fears — downtime. And when your machine is down because of a bad motor, you don’t want to spend time searching for a repair facility that you hope will get you back up again. Choose the one with a long reputation of successful service to the machine tool industry: Dreisilker.

Expert Machine Tool Motor Services

MotorSafe Benchmark Comparison Brochure
MotorSafe Benchmark Point by Point Comparison

MotorSafe™ Repair: Saving energy while reducing downtime and extending the life of your electric motor are valuable benefits of our exclusive MotorSafe™ Repair process. That’s why industrial and commercial customers have trusted Dreisilker to properly repair their critical motors for 60 years. Stripping Without Damaging: Dreisilker uses our unique Motor-Safe Stripping process which results in a longer lasting repair that meets or exceeds OEM specs. Plus, you'll experience an overall energy and cost savings post repair. Read this benchmark focused brochure to see how MotorSafe compares other repair processes.

MotorSafe Benchmark Brochure
Motor Safe Benchmark Check LIst
Directly compares DEM's MotorSafe repair method to the most widely used repair method. MotorSafe results in a longer lasting repair. What's more this process does not cause stator damage - and is sustainable. Better for your business - better for the environment!.
MotorSafe Benchmark Checklist

Reliability Services: As the clock ticks away, the single most important value of reliability in your operation is to maximize uptime. When you can count on your machines running without interruption you can plan on productivity and profitability. But the cost of unplanned downtime can be measured in idle workers, missed deadlines and disappointed customers. These all translate into losses that impact your bottom line. So what is a predictive and preventive maintenance program really worth to your operation’s reliability?

Reliability Services

Dreisilker Line Card: A quick reference guide to our complete electric motor solutions to commercial, industrial and municipal customers. We distribute new electric motors, parts, accessories and controls from major OEMs, as well as maintain motors with expert field service. We specialize in Motor-Safe™ Repair methods using non-burnout stripping, accurate and precise rewinding, advanced varnishing, dynamic balancing, and thorough testing. Our repairs and service improve motor reliability and increase uptime.

Dreisilker Line Card

Yaskawa Drives: Significant Cost Savings Using HVAC Drives For Buildings. Energy usage in a typical office building costs the owner between $1 and $3 per square foot. The air handling systems account for around 28% and the cooling systems for about 24% of the electricity consumed. That’s roughly half of your electric bill. You have the means of reducing air handling and cooling energy costs by 20%. For a 100,000 sq. ft. building, total savings can range from $10,000 to $30,000 every year. The key to savings on this scale is the judicious use of variable frequency drives (VFD). Dreisilker is an authorized distributor of Yaskawa VFDs with the expertise to fit the right system to your application.

Yaskawa HVAC Drives

Printing & Converting Motors

Printing & Converting Motors: Dreisilker specializes in European & Domestic Printing Motors, Replacement Motors, Exchange Motors, Expert Motor Services, Motor-Safe™ Repair, Replacement Parts, Brushes & Brush Holders, Slip Ring Assemblies, Brake Parts, Tachometers & More. We sell and service motors from Heidelberg, KBA Planeta, Komori, Jagenberg, W&D and Bobst whose printing and converting machines are regularly seen on the repair benches of our facility. Dreisilker is also the only authorized service representative in the United States for the German-based Antriebstechnik GmbH Faurndau, formerly known as Elektra-Faurndau, whose motors are commonly installed on KBA Planeta presses.

Dreisilker and ComEd's Smarter Ideas for Your Business Program

General Electric Motor Selection Guide and Motor Application Matrix. Information-packed quick reference charts include: 1. Motor Types; 2. Power Supply; 3. Horsepower; 4. Speed-- RPM; 5. Overload Protector; 6. Enclosure; 7. Bearings; 8. Mountings; 9. Ambient Conditions; 10. Service Factor; 11. Other Considerations; 12. NEMA Frame Sizes; NEMA Motor Frame Dimension Standards; 14. Hp Range, Frame / Motor Types; 15. See Motor Catalog for Others; 16. Motor Application Matrix: AC & DC.

GE Motor Selection Guide

GE AC Motor Selection & Application Guide

General Electric AC Motor Selection and Application Guide: Complete reference book, defines and details the properties of an AC Motor, including: Voltage; Frequency; Phase; Motor Output Rating; Polyphase Motors; Single-phase Motors; Service Factor; Motor Temperature; Duty Cycle Application; Starting; Efficiency; Power Factor; Load Connection; Electrical and Mechanical Construction; Model List Nomenclature; Modifications, Electrical; Modifications, Mechanical; Modifications, Environmental ; Special and Definite Purpose Applications.

Other Useful Electric Motor Information

Research Papers by Howard W Penrose, Ph.D., CMRP

Generator Repair and Maintenance Services
Generator Services Brochure

Dreisilker's Generator Service and Maintenance Program will help assure that you won't be in the dark should a power outage occur. From critical life sustaining equipment to keeping a business operating generators are an important part of your operation. Often they are out of site and out of mind - until the worst case scenario happens. It's our job to make sure that your generator will run - as it should - whenever there's an issue. Our service programs make it affordable for you. We manage such generator functions as: Preventative Maintenance, No Starts, Gas Power Problems, Electronic Issues, Control Boards, Transfer Switches, Overall Diagnostics, and Testing. Additionally, our 24/7 availability give you piece of mind that should a maintenance need arise we'll be there to answer your call.

Generator Services Brochure
Motor Repair Energy Cost - and Use Audit/Comparison
Energy Cost and Use Audit

When a motor is re-manufactured there's often some unseen cost in increased energy use that affects your bottom line. Not so with DEM's MotorSafe Repair Process. When a repair is broken down for one motor - then spread across your entire universe of motors some serious incremental costs can be the result. See this simple Energy Cost and Use audit and perhaps use it to compare your situation.

Motor Repair Energy Cost - and Use Audit/Comparison Chart
Dreisilker University
Dreisilker V-Belt Training Flier

Dreisilker offers many opportunities to train your team on the proper optimization of the key components of your systems. With V-Belt Training we'll cover the proper tensioning techniques that result in a more efficient and longer lasting use of your V-Belts. The results will be a more efficient operation with less mechanical issues. Contact us today to learn more.

Dreisilker University - V-Belt Training Information
Dreisilker Plastics Industry Information

Dreisilker specializes in the re-manufacturing of motors for the plastics industry. Uptime is the key to your success and our MotorSafe process works with keep you Extruder, Injection Molder, and Water Cooled Motors up and running. That keeps the revenue flowing.

Plastics Industry Repair

Field Services
Field Service Data Sheet

Dreisilker Electric Motors is your 24/7 source for Field Services. From standard services to an emergency trust Dreisilker to keep you operation running smoothly. • Infrared Inspection • Dynamic Balancing • Laser Shaft Alignment • Vibration Analysis • Diagnostics • Preventative Maintenance And More. Click to download our Field Services Data Sheet

Field Services Data Sheet
UltraSeal Brochure

Do your motors work in a wet, or harsh environment with contaminates? Do you want better heat protection and noise abatement? UltraSeal may be the solution you need. Read all about our exclusive process that provides total encapsulation protecting your motors - and protecting your Uptime. Click to download our UltraSeal data sheet

UltraSeal Data Sheet

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